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Teach me, oh Lord, the way of your statutes

Bible School

Course Duration - 4 Years

The Bible School Course at City of Hope runs from 1 to 3 years of study and you are also able to complete your Bachelor of Ministry degree should you choose to. Topics include:

  • The Godhead
  • The New Covenant
  • Basic Leadership
  • Effective Pastoring
  • Church History
  • World Religions and many more!
1st Year - Certificate
  • Christian Basics 1
  • Old Testament – a Survey 1
  • Values of Christ
  • Christian Basics 2
  • The Gospel and Acts
  • Discipleship Growth 1
  • Survey of the Letters
2nd Year - Diploma
3rd Year - Advanced Diploma
4th Year - Part of the Bachelor of Ministry

Take the first steps

School of Counselling

Course Duration - 3 Years

The one year certificate in Christian Counselling deals with the following:

  • The counsellor, the counselee and principles of counselling
  • Christian counselling; methods, models, skills and counselling techniques
  • Pre-marriage, marriage and family counselling
  • The healing and deliverance ministry, normal and abnormal behaviour

This course is accredited with “Council for Counsellors in South Africa” upon completion of the Bachelors Degree of Counselling.

1st Year - Certificate
  • Introduction to Biblical Counselling
  • Biblical Psychology
  • Couselling Process
  • Orientation to Biblical Counselling
  • Inner Healing
  • Counselling Practicum
2nd Year - Diploma
3rd Year - Bachelor of Counselling

Discovering God’s way of handling money

Financial School

Duration - 8 Weeks

Is debt stealing your hope?

Your time is now, explore the Journey to Financial Freedom

Learn how to save and make wise Investments

It'll be the best decision you ever made for your future

Take the farce out of fiscal as we journey with Christ and go back to basics to discover His ways, His teachings and His principles for handling money. City of Hope in association with Crown Financial Ministries invites you to join us on this empowering course. What to consider:

  • How important is money to you?
  • Have you got more month than money?
  • Are you working for money or is money working for you?
  • Is your piggy bank anorexic?
  • Do you know the difference between need and want?
  • Are you fulfilling your financial training obligation to your children?
  • Discussions include debt, counsel, honesty, giving, work, savings & investments.

What is Worship School?

Worship School

God’s purpose for humanity is to know Him intimately. Out of that flows service to Him and a life that is meaningful. If our understanding of worship is lacking it will affect our perspective of why we are living and our quality of life. Only when we understand our purpose can we order our lives accordingly. The School of Worship helps you get your priorities in line with God’s purpose for your life through the understanding and development of a lifestyle of worship. Worship is interwoven with every aspect of living in the Bible including healing, warfare, prosperity, prayer, evangelism and church growth, to name a few. The three levels of study explore these subjects and many more.

Level 1 - Foundation Principles of Worship

You will learn the purpose of life and the foundation principles of worship that will transform your walk with God. Level One is designed to put things in order in your life to transform your thinking and actions. You will not only understand the importance of intimacy with God but also your authority as a Kingdom citizen.

  • Introduction to Worship Lifestyle
  • Thanksgiving
  • Introduction to Praise
  • Lifestyle of Praise 1
  • Lifestyle of Praise 2
  • Introduction to Worship
  • Abraham’s Journey of Worship
  • Introduction to Warfare
  • Healing & Worship
  • The Holy Spirit & Worship
  • Glory & Worship
  • Giving & Worship
  • Restoration of the Tabernacle of David
Level 2 - Lifestyle Principles of Worship